Palestine Heritage Trail Al-Khalil wraps up the photo competition exhibitions of the students of Al-Najah National University and Bethlehem University successfully

An opening ceremony of the Photo Competition Exhibition has taken place last Monday 1/12/2014 in Al-Najah National University-Nablus, and was organized by Palestine Heritage Trail Al-Khalil. The ceremony included speeches by George Saliba Rishmawi, the executive director of Palestine Heritage Trail, who in turn stressed on the importance of promoting community-based tourism in Palestine and the exploitation of marginalized rural areas that contain a varied topography in general. This is, in addition to a speech by Muhammad Karakra, one of the participants in the competition, and representatives from the World Bank – the donor of the Economic Development across the Fragile Communities project, from which we implemented this activity. Not to forget the participation of our international partner, the Abraham Path Initiative, and a number of university students and officials.