Bethlehem – Dar Sitti Aziza

Dar Sitti Aziza has the style of a traditional Ottoman-era urban merchant’s home. This means large blocks of locally-cut stone for the foundation and walls, flagstones for the floor, arched ceilings, courtyards, and a center space with plenty of small rooms each built for a different purpose. The front door was designed so that an animal as big as a camel with pack-bags on its back could pass into the house. Read more here:

Dar Sitti Aziza was open with the belief that many visitors to Bethlehem would like a comfortable, unique lodging experience without having to stay at either a large hotel built for the mass tourist trade, or a pilgrim’s house usually meant for a specific national or religious group. At present, there are nine rooms and two pavilions.

Each room at Dar Sitti Aziza has its own name, with its own history. The owners put a phonetic spelling of the Arabic name of each room after the English one to help you get acclimated to the Palestinian local dialect!

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