Ein Samia Valley

Ein Samia valley is one of the oldest settled regions in the world. With 7000 years of history, the region has been inhabited by different groups such as the Canaanites, Arameans and Romans. An extensive cemetery covers the archaeological sites of Khirbet Samia, al-Qibat and Dhar Mizbaneh. The sites also display mosaic floors, foundations and remains of buildings, a reservoir, caves, and columns. The famous Ein Samia Silver Cup, dating back to Middle Bronze Age, 2300– 2000 BC, was discovered in one of the shaft tombs at al-Qibat. In the area can be also found impressive remains of a Byzantine monastery Al-Qasr that includes a chapel, a crypt, rooms and a cistern. Ein Samia valley differs from its surroundings in its great fertility, arable land and water resources.