Hebron – Abdelhafez Dababsa

“Being a guide is like being an ambassador for Palestine here in the country and abroad. I am glad to present the real image of Palestine and provide information about the history and biodiversity of the place”

Abdelhafez Dababsa is from Nuba, a village located northwest of Hebron city. He holds a Master’s degree in Geography and has been directly involved in work with the Palestinian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities (MOTA). Through his work, he was introduced to the The Palestinian Heritage Trail and its goals, which contribute to enhancing community-based tourism in Palestine. For the first time, he joined the The Palestinian Heritage Trail in a field visit to scout the 75 kilometers of the trail from Hebron to Beit Mirsim, located in the southern West Bank. What is more, Abed was the first Palestinian to walk the entire The Palestinian Heritage Trail, 21 days in a row, during the first Thru-Hike in May 2017. After receiving several trainings from The Palestinian Heritage Trail and using the experience he gained during his work with MOTA, Abed started to guide different groups through the various parts of The Palestinian Heritage Trail. Abed thinks that hiking on the trail is an ideal chance to enjoy the beauty of Palestine, where a person can learn more about Palestinians, experience the Palestinian hospitality, and discover its natural and historical treasures.

Abdelhafez is proud to have guided many international groups through the beautiful Palestinian countryside. He works with an open heart and mind, and is always prepared to elaborate regarding Palestinian culture, traditions, geography, flora, and fauna.

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