Nablus – Anwar Dawabsheh

Don’t wait for the perfect moment to hike, create it.

Anwar Dawabsheh has liked to hike in the area surrounding his village, Duma, since he was six years old. As he grew older, he explored further regions such as the Al-Ghor (Jordan Valley) area. He has now visited almost all Palestinian towns and villages and walked more than 50 trails. He constantly discovers new routes and he is always ready to accept the challenge of new, difficult trails.

He says that working as a guide allows for happiness and amusement. Despite the length of the hike, time flies, and even though he has walked some trails over 100 times, he discovers something new each time. He encourages people to walk The Palestinian Heritage Trail to get to know the Palestinian land, culture, and customs, saying “the trail reveals integrated beauty.”

He focuses on building a strong and permanent relationship with The Palestinian Heritage Trail community along the trail, and he continues to learn about hiking-related concepts, such as environmental life, traditions, biodiversity, and road networks. Anwar says he learns from his previous mistakes as well as successes in order to develop his guiding skills.

He has lead tours most of sections of the The Palestinian Heritage Trail. Anwar speaks Arabic and English, and he is interested in hiking, camping, reading, writing, and playing chess and football.

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