Bethlehem – Muhammad Al-Qurna

Help people, enjoy nature, get to know your country, and reflect a beautiful picture of it to the world.

Muhammad Al-Qurna lives in Handaza, which is east of Bethlehem, with his wife and three children. He graduated from Hebron University in 2013 with a Masters Degree in Agriculture. One day he read an announcement on the Insitute of Community Partnership’s website and went on to receive a diploma as a Community Trekking Guide from the ICP-Bethlehem University in 2016. He has now lead more than 30 trails in the West Bank.

From the moment he registered for the course, a new path in his life began. He remarks that he has learned a lot, saying that “Nothing is impossible in life, and one can learn as much as he/she wants if he/she keeps trying again and again.” He encourages people to walk the Masar to experience the diversity of plants, animals, landscape, and lifestyles, as well as to support the economies of the local communities along the trails. The trail encourages positive cultural exchanges between participants and the local communities, and he sees the trail as culturally connected to all religions.

Muhammad remarks that each guide has something special, and he can learn from them. His personal guiding style involves freedom and privacy for the group while maintaining safety. He tries to add in games and activities during the hike, and he delegates to let other members of the group show off their skills. Al-Qurna says the most important thing on the trail is to delight participants and encourage them to participate in more than one trail. He sees his job as a guide as supporting Palestinian tourism and a hobby of courage.

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