Bethlehem – Riziq Ghyada

“Your patriotism lies in your knowledge of your country and the way you talk about it.”

Riziq, “The national guide”, so called by many people, is an agricultural engineer and a community tour guide in all areas of the West Bank. Riziq cares about various environmental plants, and his love for nature and land has resulted in his constant desire to share this knowledge with people; he believes that by doing so he is contributing to the protections of the environment. Riziq is interested in developing himself by walking along numerous stages of the trail and in taking many local and global courses in order to educate himself about various plant life. He is also a member of several international institutions that specialize in plant protection. As a result, Riziq takes full care of the environment as well as the history of the region, creating links between visitors and the natural surroundings.

Practical Info

Bethlehem Region