Nablus – Al-Yasmeen Hotel

Al-Yasmeen Hotel is located in the City Downtown of Nablus, in the commercial center adjacent to the northern entrance of the historically famous Khan Al Tujar where stores are still lively with shoppers from all over Palestine.

Al-Yasmeen Hotel is a place where history reveals itself in a modern context without compromising the spirit of the past. In designing Al-Yasmeen, we were extremely keen to restore the existing six hundred years old building using eastern architectural designs that reflect the spirit of the architectural multiplicity of the Old City of Nablus.

Practical Info

  • 6 bed dorm
  • 5 bed dorm
  • Double room

Catered meals, pick-up service, wifi

Al Yasmeen Hotel

Nablus City,  Palestine

00972 9 2 333 555

00972 9 2 333 666


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