Arraba – Hana Homestay

Hana Saleh is a Palestinian-Lebanese mother of three vibrant young women and grandmother to two adorable children, Aya and Othman. She was born and raised in Lebanon’s energetic city, Beirut. So do not be surprised if you sensed Lebanon’s famed love of life vibrating within the walls of the household of this proud Palestinian family.

She is a petite and incredibly lively woman that is fun to hang out with. Having been to many places around the world, Hana believes in the importance of cultural exchange and the diversity of human tradition. Along with her daughters, Raghda, Sabrin and Yousra, who speak good English, Hana is not new to hosting people from around the globe. For years, this family has welcomed with open arms guests from all nationalities and knows exactly what a perfect homestay looks like.

Hana’s house is a 100-year-old building that is a labyrinth of secret doors, narrow stairs and stonewalls that will awake the explorer in you. During your stay at Hana’s residence, you will enjoy a view overlooking the remarkable Abdul Hadi Palaces and will satisfy your hunger of Mother Nature’s unique tranquility. But worry not; you will still be close to the city center making Hana’s house the perfect destination to those who can’t survive without modern necessities. Hana and her three daughters are firm believers that once guests arrive to Beit Othman [the Othamn’s residence], they no longer are guests.

Hana says, “This place will become your house and our family will guarantee that you don’t feel away from home.” Not only would you cherish the privacy, but also enjoy the large yard to do your morning workout and fuel with a healthy and 100% homemade traditional meal. You can even enjoy a warm shower and clean up using Hana’s olive oil homemade soap and a scrubbing sponge that she picked especially for you from her Luffa tree, which hangs delicately next to the guests’ quarters’ window.

Practical Info

Arraba, Jenin Region

10 People

  • 1 room with tree sofa beds

Catered meals, pick-up service, wifi

35 USD Overnight + breakfast+ dinner

  • +970 599 292 972
  • +970 4 246 8366
  • +972599292972


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