Adh-Dhahiriya Women’s Association

In the last stage of The Palestinian Heritage Trail, the trail takes hikers from the busy streets of Hebron through agricultural fields surrounding the city and picturesque valleys rich in natural beauty and archeological sites when reaching the village of Adh-Dhahiriya. A well-conserved fortress from the Hellenistic or early Roman period can also be found in this village.

Enjoy a traditional meal prepared by the women society of Adh-Dhahiriya and do not miss the opportunity to meet the women there who make sure to highlight their history and cultural heritage and like to welcome their visitors with Palestinian traditional food sharing with them their Palestinian values and old stories.

Having good relations with local authorities and aiming at raising women awareness in different subjects, empowering women socially, and economically, and encouraging voluntary work, the women have succeeded to rise and enhance their skills by joining many trainings such as wool textile training, food processing training, zaatar production training and women rights awareness workshops.

Its main activities are awareness workshops, sewing, and embroidery. They promote their products (pastries, maftoul and pickles) on local festivals and exhibitions.


For more information and a visit, contact the head women: Jihad al Tel , Tel: 0595081230.

Practical Info

Adh-Dhahiriya, Hebron Region.

the head women: Jihad Mahmoud



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