Aqraba Women’s Center

As part of the Aqraba municipality, the main activities of this Women’s Center are awareness workshops, creating job opportunities for local women, and sponsoring summer camps.

The village of Aqraba is located in the rural outskirts of Nablus, surrounded by small farming enterprises in the beautiful green countryside. Sharifa Nassar spreads before the visitor a savory array of food products: the ingredients of stuffed olives, pickles of stuffed peppers and lebeneh (yogurt preserved in olive oil) are all from her own garden.  Fresh bread, with olive oil and locally produced za’atar, was baked in the village taboon (community oven).

Across the room where the women have gathered are additional displays of the women’s handwork. Fatma Al Ra’e, who received training as a fashion designer, shows the children’s clothing items she has designed and knitted.  By creating these items, she is able to use her training and skill to work from home, raise her children, and contribute to the women’s center.  Another member offers the visitor olive oil soap she has made.

Together, these women display the work and cooperative efforts which keep their center active.  When visiting Nablus, or hiking the Masar Ibrahim Al-Khalil as it passes through this region of Palestine, take the opportunity to explore the beautiful terraced countryside and visit the women at the Aqraba Women’s Center for a taste of the culinary treats traditional to the region and sourced from the local agricultural community.  You can contact Huda Badawi by phone at 0597344393 or through the Masar Ibrahim Al-Khalil website and office.

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 Huda Badawi