Artas Women’s Committee

When visiting Bethlehem, take the opportunity to explore the beautiful green Artas Valley and visit the women at Artas Women committee for a taste of the gastronomic treats traditional to the region and sourced from the local agricultural community that works to reveal cultural heritage through education, make sure to keep Palestinian folklore alive and preserve old buildings. Thus a center of research as well as a museum were established. Its main activities are awareness workshops about healthy food for students, sewing, and embroidery.

They produce tomato jam, pastries, maftoul, and sweets, as well as pickles and dried herbs. Moreover, the women are able to serve meals of local specialties to tourist groups as well as prepare meals for school programs. Now they have a new renovated room to host guests.

Together, these women display the work and cooperative efforts which keep their committee active. The committee has been showing willingness to learn more and gain experience by participating in trainings such as training on straw basket making, painting on pottery, embroidery and beans necklace as well as participating in festivals such as the annual lettuce festival in order to market their products.

For more information and a visit, contact the head women: Fida’ Rabaya: Tel: 0592807499

Practical Info

Artas, Bethlehem Region

the head women: Fida’ Rabaya