Dar Salah Women’s Association

Dar Salah Women’s Association”. Focusing on women and community empowerment and targeting children, youth, poor people and special needs, the women’s center of Dar Salah has been networking with other women centers, cooperating with many local authorities as well as centers for special needs to make a change in the society.  It has been arranging a number of activities such as summer camps, recreational activities and field visits to kindergartens.

The women now are with good capabilities as they developed skills such as drawing on glass, textile sewing as well as handicrafts. The center has several productions such as Bread (shrak), embroidery and pickles.

The women are not only ready to welcome visitors with a Palestinian traditional food but also organize visits to the wilderness on Palestinian Heritage Trail with NGOs.

For more information and a visit contact Jawaher Salah 0599896661

Email: g_m-kh@hotmail.com