Bethlehem – Tal al-Qamar Guesthouse

In the wilderness of Dar Salah, Tal al Qamar is located in an ideal location, which forms a small oasis in the middle of the almost serene barren land. It contains two tents each one accommodates up to 20 and a guesthouse ( five-bedroom dormitory )designed to fit the semi-desert environment and can accommodate up to 3 guests.

In 2009, Ahmed Abu Haniyeh,a young man, built Tal al Qamar Guesthouse as a pilot project aiming at protecting the land, as well as introducing visitors to the site that carries his childhood memories.Haniyeh named his project Tal al Qamar (moon’s hill), for it is located on a small hill surrounded by sloping land, where the guests can see the most beautiful scenes of the moon, especially when the moon is full.

Tal al Qamar attracts Palestine Heritage Trail’s walking groups, Scout groups, scientific and astronomical camps, as a starting point to visit the Galacto Monastery, Mar Saba Monastery and the Dead Sea to explore the beauty and uniqueness of nature.

This pioneering project is a source of inspiration for others to build houses with a rural style that can be seen nowadays on hilltops.

Khirbet al-Makhrom is located at the beginning of the descent to Tal al Qamar, which is rich in wells and contains remains of a church, a monastery and caves. Years ago, mosaic floors and Greek writings could be seen, but neglect and attacks destroyed many of its landmarks. The ruin’s wells are considered the oldest water collection wells in Dar Salah and a source of water for the villagers who go there to enjoy serenity under forest trees.

As you continue to descend to Tal al Qamar, you can see the shrine of Ghannam, and around it is an ancient cemetery that has gained sacredness due to its location in the area of Wali Ghannam.

Practical Info

Located in the Jerusalem Wilderness, in the area of Bethlehem. Call for arrangements: 0568 903 502



0568 903 502


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