Bani Na’im – Wafa Manasreh Homestay

Wafa and her family own a farm which is located on the top of the mountain where Bedouin culture and lifestyle can be revealed. The house has a room with two beds and a bathroom for guests. In her garden, Wafa takes care of sheep and plants all kinds of vegetables, from which all meals are prepared for visitors. There are many activities in the farm that guests can experience and be part of such as taking care of livestock , feeding them and preparing many local products of dairy and cheese. Besides, guests can take part of the preparation of the Palestinian meals Wafa cooks such as stuffed grape leaves, Maqlouba and pastries

Practical Info

Bani Na’im


  • one room
  • two beds

Catered meals, pick-up service, wifi

$35 USD; night stay with supper and breakfast



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