Bethlehem – Khirbet al Mird Cave

For archeology lovers and for those who are interested in places carrying historical stories , Khirbet al-Mird Cave is considered the best choice for its history that covers the Greek, Roman and Byzantine eras. The cave is located in Jerusalem wilderness northeast of Mar Saba.  It was a castle during the Roman period and one of the Byzantine monasteries which was part of Mar Saba monastery in the Byzantine era. Most of the cave’s current remains date back to the Greek period.

The cave has a picturesque location overlooking the Jordan valley, Mar Saba monastery and the wilderness. In addition, the cave has a wide-angle view of spectacular sunrise and sunset where people can experience stargazing and enjoy nature as there is a great chance of seeing wild birds as well as many other animals such as (deer – wolves and mongoose)

The cave can accommodate up to 14-15 people where numbers of activities can be arranged such as cultural evenings with traditional and historical stories about the place in addition to musical sessions (playing the shabbaba – Dabke – and songs) . Jameel (the host) serves his visitors with barbecue or tajen at dinner and prepares a traditional Palestinian breakfast in the early morning.

Practical info

Khirbet al Mird (between Jericho and Bethlehem)

45$  including your stay and two meals (breakfast and supper)

(+970) 594211061



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