Beit Sahour – Arab Women’s Union

The Arab women union is one of the pioneer organizations in the area of Beit Sahour that aims for supporting women and advocating for their rights through offering different programs reflecting their needs. It was established in 1956. The programs varied with their purpose including economic, social, cultural and rehabilitative such as the day care, the kitchen, the social and cultural programs, as well as the center for people with disability “Al-Basmah Center”. The vision of the union is: For every woman to live and practice her rights in an equal and just society. Their mission: The Arab Women Union works toward attaining equal opportunities for women and people with disability at the educational, social, economic, political and health levels. The organization focuses on building the capacity of the target groups and raising their awareness to equip them within the needed skills and techniques to practice their rights.

The Union objectives are to  Enhance the role of women at the social and political levels especially to reach the decision makers, Enhance the women health and education status through offering different programs as per the needs of the women, Empower the women economically to provide well for their families through offering capacity building programs, nursery for their children as well as employment opportunities and to provide services for the disabled youth and adults as vocational training and psychosocial support in order to provide them with the needed skills that would enable them to be integrated within the society as full members and practicing their rights.

The Union Kitchen is considered one of the successful entrepreneurial source of income in the area of Beit Sahour, which was renovated by the Arab Women Union to achieve the objective of;  Support vulnerable women who are in need for a source of income, offer cooking services for breadwinner women in the area and that is to ease the burden of life on them, Offer healthy meals and food for the community as well as the Union and offering cooking training services for the women mainly as well as other members of the society (based on an organized programs).

Currently, the kitchen employs around 10 vulnerable women and serves several kinds of salads, dishes, processed vegetables and others to the local community and stores. Products of the Union; Food products, hand products, carpet weaving and paper recycling (use as colored and decorated cards)


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Beit Sahour, Bethlehem region

Contact: Basma Jacaman