Dura – Al Matal Guesthouse

This guesthouse was established in 2018 and is located in Dura on the top of a mountain called Al-Abed. It is characterized by its calmness and its natural beauty. It was named Almatal (which means the overlooking point)for it overlooks the occupied Palestinian coast to the north and Gaza to the south.

Practical Info

Dura , Hebron

3  Master Rooms Each room has 4 comfortable and spacious beds, plus a bathroom for each room, as well as a sitting room with TV.

One Special master room for families with Jacuzzi and TV.

Total number of people: 15 (There is a possibility to arrange for bigger number in case of prior coordination).

One big dining and meeting room.

The place is equipped with modern designs . Washing machine, all public safety facilities, first aid, meals and wifi are available. Modern TV screens are available in all public facilities too.

$30 USD; night stay with supper and breakfast

contact person:

Foad Khallaf




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