Hebron – Shorouk Manassra

“Be proud of your choices you take , not of the talents you have’’.

The decision I have taken in order to be a community trekking guide does not come out of nowhere. I chose a path full of responsibilities towards my country to present a real idea about Palestine. I wanted to learn more about my country in order to be rooted in my mind. I am so lucky to live in Palestine because of its marvelous nature. Palestine beauty is rooted in the biodiversity that you can see when you walk through The Palestinian Heritage Trail. 

Shorouk Manassra is from Bani Naim, a village located east of Hebron. She is a licensed community trekking guide who speaks Arabic, English and French. She loves her job because it gives her an opportunity to meet new people from different cultures and nationalities. But Shorouk considers the most important part of her job to be that it gives her an opportunity to spend a lot of time in her favourite place, enjoying the serenity of nature. Passion and determination give her the energy to be a community trekking guide despite of some difficulties that she has faced. She said that every day she walks on The Palestinian Heritage Trail, she discovers and learns something new. She is the youngest community trekking guide on The Palestinian Heritage Trail.

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