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My name is Azmi Salman, from  small village called Qusin, meaning the ancient Syriac house of firewood, located to the west of the city of Nablus. His village is famous for agriculture. He currently lives in Ramallah.  I work as an Agricultural Engineer, specializing in forests, range, and wildlife. I live in the city of Ramallah. My motto in life is: Life is a journey, keep walking.


It started as a guide for excursions through participation in a walking trail with school students. The guide provided some misleading information about some wild plants. So in addition to my desire to discover natural areas containing biological diversity in Palestine, I thought that I want to work as a guide and discover and provide accurate information. Therefore, I developed my training skills by reading and participating in hiking trips in new areas that I did not know.

Perhaps what differentiates me from other guides is my vast knowledge about the cultivated plants and their use in different areas.

I advise people and encourage them to walk on trails and learn about the nature of Palestine, its history and successive civilizations, and to discover new areas.

Being a tour guide means reflecting the image of Palestine to the world, by making our guest feels at home, by living their adventure as if they were born here, starting from the customs and traditions.

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