Meeting in the old city of Jerusalem

Within the East Jerusalem Youth Project: Agents of Change, Palestinian Heritage Trail organized a meeting on December 10th in Musa Afandi in the old city of Jerusalem to introduce and inform the attendance about the project activities, what Kind of interfere  in the old city of Jerusalem we will do , next to that we addressed the   available resources   moreover what  are the challenges  we could face during the implementation,  overall how the project will  contribute to socio-economic development through the community based tourism in this area, The meeting was attended by a representative of: Al-Tur Women Centre, the guesthouse in Al-Tur, the coordinator of the exploratory walking programs and the orphanage in the Old City, in the presence of Mr. Raed Saada, head of Jerusalem Tourism cluster and head of Palestinian Heritage Trail union. After the meeting, the attendees visited the orphanage, the building of al-Amarah al-‘Amara (Tekkeh Khassaki Sultan), which was built in 1556 CE, they wandered inside and learned about its history.