Biddo is the Key of Northwest Jerusalem villages.

Biddo is a Palestinian lofty village that is located on the Northwest of Jerusalem; it is only far 11 Km away from the Holy city. The geographical location of Biddo gave it a specialty as it connects the rest of the surrounded villages to Jerusalem and Ramallah. Biddo can be recognized by its historical and archaeological sites that ages back to the Roman era, in addition to its 7 distinguished ruins around the village that represent the eras the village went through.

Al sheikh mountain is located on the west side of Biddo, it is considered one of the highest heights there as it overviews the Palestinian coast and the city of Jerusalem. Soon you will be able to walk around Biddo and to get to know it more by walking Palestinian Heritage Trail extended hiking trail that Palestine Heritage Trail Union is developing on the Northwest villages of Jerusalem. The new segment will start from Beit Surik through Biddo, Beit A’nan ending at Beit Duqqo.


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