Beit Duqo

Beit Duqo is a Palestinian lofty village that is located on Barritta mountain 13 km northwest of Jerusalem. The 750 meters above sea level village is full of grapevines and olive trees also overviews the Palestinian coast to the west.

Beit Duqo is surrounded by amazing landscapes like At-Tira in the North, Beit Enan , Qbeibeh and Biddo in the South, Beit Liqya in the West and  Beit Ijza and Al Jib in the East.

The village is a full of historical Maqams and ruins, such as Maqam  Sheikh Omar, Maqam Sheikh Ismail, the area Of “ Akd Ein Suliman “ and the lefts of Jifna ruins.

Beit Duqqo village was named in 1400 AD after its founder Sheikh Omar Al-Daqaq.