Al-Qubeiba is a historical village known as Emmaus. It was named El Qubeibeh, which means “The doom” as many of its buildings are shaped like dooms. The village is 751 meters above sea level and is located to the Northwest of Jerusalem and is only 12 km distance from Ramallah city. It is surrounded with Beit Enan and Qatanna on the East, Biddo on the West, and Beit Dokko on the Northwest.

As many believe of the Biblical story, after his resurrection, Jesus appeared to two of his disciples who were walking on the road to Emmaus (Luke 24:13-35). Several places have been assumed to be the location of the ancient village until the Franciscan Church decided on the current location to be it. It is now visited every year with Christians who come to pilgrimage from all over the world to celebrate this after Easter occasion.