East Jerusalem Youth: Agents of Change Project

Project:’ East Jerusalem Youth: Agents of Change

Resilience and Tourism: Community-Led Approach

Funded by: European Union and the lead applicant the Dan Church Aid (DCA), and the Norwegian Church Aid (NCA).

Implementing Partners:

Palestine Heritage Trail Al Khalil (MIAK)

Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA)

Palestinian Vision (PALVISION)


Role of Palestine Heritage Trail Al Khalil:

Develop a community based touristic route in 50km distance in East Jerusalem to be linked with Palestine Heritage Trail Al Khalil.

Project Duration: June2019 – November 2022

Project Location:  Occupied Palestinian Territory-East Jerusalem, (Old City Jerusalem, At Tur, Aizaryah/east of EJ and Biddou, Qbeiba, Beit Anan, Beit Doqqu, Beit Sourik/northwest of EJ.


Involve the targeted community members in participating and contributing to fulfilling their economic, political, cultural and social rights.

Maintain national identity, connect isolated communities and to challenge the movement’s limitations

Mechanism of Action:

  1. Raise community awareness about community based tourism through visits and meetings in the community.
  2. Develop the infrastructure and establish a new walk trail of 50 km distance in order to link the EJ communities to the communities along the Palestine Heritage Trail Al Khalil.
  3. Developing facilities and services for the benefit of the new trail.
  4. Building the capacity of service providers and ensuring quality control of services.
  5. Promoting and marketing of the new trail.
  6. Give the leadership role to local councils to manage the track and to attract hikers.

Expected results:

Increased economic and employment opportunities in 8 communities (Old city, At Tur, Al-‘Eizariya and Biddu, Al-Qubeiba Beit ‘Anan Beit Duqqu, and Beit Sourik) through community- based tourism.