The official launch of the Cultural Interpretation Center project in Bani Na’im “The Palestinian-French Friendship Interpretation Center”

The official launch of the Cultural Interpretation Center project in Bani Na’im

The Palestinian-French Friendship Interpretation Center

Date: 3-16-2021

An official launching for a partnership project between the municipality of Bani Na’im and Thoard in France with the presence of both Mayors on Monday 3/15/2021 via video conference. The project main activity is to establish a Cultural Interpretation Center: “The Palestinian-French Friendship Center” in the Old City of Bani Naim. Representatives of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the French Consulate in Jerusalem, the representative of the Alpine region, and the implementing consortium of the project: Palestinian Heritage Trail Union AFRAT and Tétraktys from France.

This project aims at achieving sustainable development for the community-based tourism in the Bani Na’im and to attain economic, social and cultural development. This will be done through strengthening the local cultural heritage identity and empowering the capacities of the local authorities, the women center and a youth group by providing them with specialized trainings and organizing exchange visits. It will preserve the historical and cultural heritage of Bani Na’im through establishing the Cultural Interpretation Center that will introduce guests and locals to Bani Na’im’s history and identity. The project will be implemented within the French-Palestinian cooperation project’s framework for the years 2019-2021, launched by the Ministry of Europe and the French foreign affairs.

It is worth noting that the municipality of Bani Na’im and the French municipality of Thouars are the two local bodies responsible for the project, and have joint funding from the Sud Provence Alpes Côte-d’Azur.