Hebron – Shatha Allan

Being a female tour guide from a conservative society,

means a constant battle between my passion

and my community.

I will show you:

The beauty and authenticity of Palestine

About Me:

As a child, I grew up in Halhul, a suburban village North of Hebron, I used to climb up mountains with my siblings and neighbors for fun. As I grew older, it became more of a passion for me. This passion seemed to a reality in 2018, when Palestinian Heritage Trail initiated a new diploma in trekking tour guiding. Now, I can say that, I am a happy multi-lingual licensed female trekking guide from Hebron, who currently lives in Ramallah. I speak Arabic, English and French!

Becoming a trekking guide has given me the opportunity to gain self-confidence through challenging my conservative community and the way they perceive women who persevere their passion. I get to meet amazing and supportive people from all over the world, and enjoy my beautiful Palestine. This is what I would like fellow guests to see. I want people who come here to feel like guests not visitors, by merging them in Palestinian communities when hosting them in one of PH Trail partner homestays and guesthouses along the Trail. Being a trekking guide means more to me than just having a job, it’s an opportunity to discover my land and be a Palestinian ambassador through showing the living reality of Palestinians, and the beauty of my country.

I encourage people to hike the PH Trail because it’s the best way for any guest to get to know Palestine’s hidden cultural heritage and identity.

Hebron Region

Arabic  – Mother tongue

English – Excellent

French – Very good


Wildlife & Nature

Local foods & Restaurant

Translation & Interpretation



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