PHT- RFQ Kitchen Uniform

تاريخ الإصدار
Date of issue: 26/08/2021
تاریخ الإغلاق
Closing date: 09/09/2021
الرقم المرجعي للرزمة من خطة الشراء
Procurement Plan Lot ref:
PHT-24-19/2021 – 2nd Time
Lots SUP 12
مسمى العقد
Contract title:
زي المطبخ
Kitchen Uniform
للمزید من المعلومات یرجى الاتصال بالسلطة المتعاقدة
For further information, please contact
the Contracting Authority:
اتحاد مسار فلسطین التراثي
عماد ھواش
02-277-5045 ھاتف
02-277-5024 :فاكس
Palestinian Heritage Trail
Imad Hawash
Fax: 02-277-5024
ترجى الملاحظة أنه  یمكن إرسال عروض الأسعار بالید، او عبر البرید الالكتروني :
Please note that the Quotations may be sent by hand or Email:

Palestinian Heritage Trail (PH Trail) is a non-profit community-based tourism union that delineates, and develops Palestinian Heritage Trail in and around different Palestinian localities. PH Trail invites you to submit a quotation for Kitchen Uniform.



For those who are interested, kindly download the RFQ from the following link:

RFQ_Kitchen Uniform_PHT-24-19-2021 Second Time


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