PHT – QUOTATION FORM – Printing Materials

Date of issue: October 19,2021
Closing date: November 5,2021
Contract Title Printing Materials
File No.: PH Trail-25-05/2021
EU reference: ENICBCMED A_A 1 3_0090
For further information, please contact the Contracting Authority: Palestinian Heritage Trail

Nibal Bannourah
Fax: 02-277-5024

Please note that the Quotations must be sent to Palestinian Heritage Trail – Finance Office

Address: Al Karamah Street, near Beit Sahour Municipality – Beit Sahour – Palestine

Please note that the Quotations shall be sent by hand in sealed envelope to Palestinian Heritage Trail (PH Trail). 


Palestinian Heritage Trail (PH Trail) is a non-profit community-based tourism union that delineates, and develops Palestinian Heritage Trail in and around different Palestinian localities.

PH Trail invites you to submit a Quotation for Printing Materials listed in the request for proposal in the link below: 

PH TRAIL_Quotation_Form_CROSSDEV_printing materials – 28.10