Guides form the bridge between travelers, hosts, and Palestinian communities. For anyone walking on The Palestinian Heritage Trail, we recommend a network of local guides that has been established along all sections of the trail. These individuals range in experience, training, and skills. Together with local partners, The Palestinian Heritage Trail is investing in programs to further train and equip these local guides to offer the highest level of services possible. Previous training offerings supported by Palestinian Heritage Trail and its local partners have included Wilderness First Aid, outdoor leadership skills, and the first official Palestinian trekking guide licensing program.

Why hike with a guide?

We highly recommend walking on The Palestinian Heritage Trail with a local guide for maximum contact with local communities and understanding of their culture and customs. These guides are local community members who are intimately familiar with both the trail itself and the area’s history, nature, culture, and folklore, and they are uniquely equipped to facilitate interactions between travelers and members of Palestinian communities. All of these guides have received formal training from The Palestinian Heritage Trail and its local partners, including a professional trekking guide licensing program.


How do I choose a guide?

The Palestinian Heritage Trail guides are experienced and prepared. Consider where you would like to hike on the Palestinian Heritage Trail and choose a guide from that region. Alternatively, sort guides by their interests or the languages they speak to find a guide who can provide an experience that matches your interests and/or language needs. Or, simply browse through the guide profiles below and learn more about each guide’s particular story.

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Bethlehem – Esperansa Hanania Qumsieh

Bethlehem – George Gacaman

Bethlehem – Ibrahim Mashalah

Bethlehem – Muhammad Al-Qurna

Bethlehem – Nadine Al-Yateem

Bethlehem – Nidal Rishmawi

Bethlehem – Riziq Ghyada

Bethlehem – Usama Zughbi

Bethlehem – Wi’am Al-Masalha

Hebron – Ayat Dardoun

Hebron – Shatha Allan

Hebron – Shorouk Manassra

Jenin – Mohammad Atari

Jenin – Saeed Hijjih ‘Abu Ayman’

Jericho – Jameel Hamadin

Jericho – Naser Ka’abneh

Nablus – Alaa Hammouz

Nablus – Anwar Dawabsheh

Nablus – Azmi Salman

Nablus – Majdi Shilleh

Nablus – Nedal Sawalmeh

Nablus – Zaid Salim Azhari