East Jerusalem Youth: Agents of Change

Project:’ East Jerusalem Youth: Agents of Change

Resilience and Tourism: Community-Led Approach

Funded by: European Union and the lead applicant the Dan Church Aid (DCA), and the Norwegian Church Aid (NCA).


Implementing Partners:

Palestinian Heritage Trail (PHT)

Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA)

Palestinian Vision (PALVISION)



Role of Palestinian Heritage Trail:

Develop a community based touristic route in 50km distance in East Jerusalem to be linked with Palestinian Heritage Trail

Project Duration: June2019 – November 2022

Project Location:  Occupied Palestinian Territory-East Jerusalem, (Old City Jerusalem, At Tur, Aizaryah/east of EJ and Biddou, Qbeiba, Beit Anan, Beit Doqqu, Beit Sourik/northwest of EJ.



Involve the targeted community members in participating and contributing to fulfilling their economic, political, cultural and social rights.

Maintain national identity, connect isolated communities and to challenge the movement’s limitations


Mechanism of Action:

  1. Raise community awareness about community based tourism through visits and meetings in the community.
  2. Develop the infrastructure and establish a new walk trail of 50 km distance in order to link the EJ communities to the communities along the Palestinian Heritage Trail.
  3. Developing facilities and services for the benefit of the new trail.
  4. Building the capacity of service providers and ensuring quality control of services.
  5. Promoting and marketing of the new trail.
  6. Give the leadership role to local councils to manage the track and to attract hikers.

Expected results:

Increased economic and employment opportunities in 8 communities (Old city, At Tur, Al-‘Eizariya and Biddu, Al-Qubeiba Beit ‘Anan Beit Duqqu, and Beit Sourik) through community- based tourism.


Amira Jaber , Action Manager , Palestinian Heritage Trail

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Project News:

AWARD NOTICE-Rehabilitation Works

Contracting Authority: Palestinian Heritage Trail, Beit Sahour, Palestine 1. Reference PHT-24-17/2021 2. Publication date of the Tender Notice July 19, 2021 3. Lot number and lot title Lot WOR 1 – Rehabilitation Works 4. Contract value 64,948.70 US Dollar 5. Date of award of the Contract September 3, 2021 6. Number of offers received Three

“East Jerusalem Youth: Agents of Change project” , Completed the trail way marking of a 10.7 KM segment

In spite of the uncontrolled situation due to (COVID 19) pandemic, Palestinian Heritage Trail team in partnership with the local authorities of the targeted communities within the “East Jerusalem Youth: Agents of Change” project Funded by European Union, completed the trail waymarking of the 10 .7km segment that was developed as an extension to Palestine

PHT Signs 2 New Agreements With Women Centers In North West Jerusalem

As “East Jerusalem youth: Agent of change” project activities resumed, Palestinian Heritage Trail team conducted a field visit to the partner women societies in the new segment villages north west of East Jerusalem, starting from Beit Surike, Biddo, AL Qubeiba, Beit Anan and Beit Duqqo, The purpose behind this visit is to reconnect with them


Al-Qubeiba is a historical village known as Emmaus. It was named El Qubeibeh, which means “The doom” as many of its buildings are shaped like dooms. The village is 751 meters above sea level and is located to the Northwest of Jerusalem and is only 12 km distance from Ramallah city. It is surrounded with

Beit Duqo

Beit Duqo is a Palestinian lofty village that is located on Barritta mountain 13 km northwest of Jerusalem. The 750 meters above sea level village is full of grapevines and olive trees also overviews the Palestinian coast to the west. Beit Duqo is surrounded by amazing landscapes like At-Tira in the North, Beit Enan ,

From Jerusalem Alleys

Jerusalem, as a holy city for Islam, Christianity, and Judaism, is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world. Archaeological excavations show the history of the city began over 5,000 years ago. Among its 220 historic monuments are the Al-Aqsa mosque and the Dome of the Rock, Built in the seventh century, which

Biddo is the Key of Northwest Jerusalem villages.

Biddo is a Palestinian lofty village that is located on the Northwest of Jerusalem; it is only far 11 Km away from the Holy city. The geographical location of Biddo gave it a specialty as it connects the rest of the surrounded villages to Jerusalem and Ramallah. Biddo can be recognized by its historical and

“East Jerusalem Agent of Change” staff suspend its activities because of Corona crisis

Same as the rest of the whale world, we in Palestine are surviving the difficult situation that went beyond anyone control because “Corona virus (Covid19)” epidemic. “East Jerusalem Agent of Change” PHT team started the way marking  of the new segment  in the northwest of Jerusalem villages which will connect   Biddou, Qbeiba, Beit Anan, Beit

PHT Staff Accomplished Several public meetings

Members of  Palestinian Heritage Trail  team  who works on  “East Jerusalem Youth, Agent of Change” Project, conducted several public meetings in northwest Jerusalem villages (Biddu, Beit Surik, Beit Enan, Al-Qubeiba and Beit Duqu)where the new segment will be developed. Mrs. Amira Jaber- the Project Manager, presented Palestinian Heritage Trail, our partners and Community-based Tourism concept

Trail Development In East Jerusalem

In the second half of December 2019, the  trail development Staff of PHT a companied  by   coordinators from villages  of the  local councils  for  four-  Scouting days  to define the new segment   which will connect    the north-western area of East Jerusalem, starting at of Beit Surik  village  and passing through the rest of the neighbouring

EJ staff project held a public meeting in Beit Enan

Within the East Jerusalem Youth Project: Agents of Change, Palestinian Heritage Trail organized several public meetings in the villages of East Jerusalem, the most recent was in the village of Beit Enan, to introduce and inform the local communities about the project activities, the kind of interfere in the local community, and how it would

Meeting in the old city of Jerusalem

Within the East Jerusalem Youth Project: Agents of Change, Palestinian Heritage Trail organized a meeting on December 10th in Musa Afandi in the old city of Jerusalem to introduce and inform the attendance about the project activities, what Kind of interfere  in the old city of Jerusalem we will do , next to that we

PHT Signs 5 new agreements

PHT team took a second step towards the implementation of “East Jerusalem Youth: Agents of Change” project by signing five Cooperation Agreements with northwest Jerusalem communities; Biddou, Qbeiba, Beit Anan, Beit Doqqu, and Beit Sourik” along the new segment Between  northwest Jerusalem villages with old city of Jerusalem  and East Jerusalem villages ,Tour and  Al-Eizariya

“East Jerusalem Youth Agents of change” project meets 5 local authorities

Within the activity of Jerusalem Youth agents of change, on November 20th, 2019 Palestinian Heritage Trail Union staff held its first meeting at Biddou Municipality with Five different local authorities  in Northwest of East Jerusalem “Biddou, Qbeiba, Beit Anan, Beit Doqqu, Beit Sourik” in order to introduce them to the project in general and its

First Activity on The “East Jerusalem Youth: Agents of Change”.

On November 7th, Palestinian Heritage Trail Union launched its first activity on the “East Jerusalem Youth: Agents of Change”. The project Overall objective is  “the development of resilient communities in East Jerusalem, that are able to withstand shocks & mitigate protection threats, while preserving the Palestinian character of the city” Therefore, a public meeting was

Project Videos: