You will encounter many of Palestine’s sacred places, archeological adventures, and exciting cultural destinations along The Palestinian Heritage Trail. Dozens of amazing sites await you across the entire length of the trail, through the ancient columns at Sabastiya to the bustling streets of Bethlehem’s old city, down to the Ibrahimi Mosque in Hebron and beyond. You will touch thousands of years of history weighted with immense religious significance, making Palestine unlike any other place in the world.

Collectively, these places extend back through many different historical eras and are linked to an array of fascinating lore and spiritual traditions. However, each site has its own unique story to tell. You can find places associated with stories from the sacred books of the Abrahamic religions, explore Roman ruins, wander the winding streets of the old cities, and marvel at awe-inspiring mountain monasteries. We invite you to experience any or all of these amazing sites along The Palestinian Heritage Trail.


Guides form the bridge between travelers, hosts, and Palestinian communities and provide insight into the history and traditions associated with each site you will visit along the way. For anyone walking on The Palestinian Heritage Trail, we recommend a network of local guides that has been established along all sections of the trail. These individuals range in experience, training, and skills. Together with local partners, The Palestinian Heritage Trail is investing in programs to further train and equip these local guides to offer the highest level of services possible. Previous training offerings supported by The Palestinian Heritage Trail and its local partners have included Wilderness First Aid, outdoor leadership skills, and the first official Palestinian trekking guide licensing program.


Community-based tourism is our vehicle to promote lesser-known destinations that complement the portrait of Palestinian tourism and provide the distinction it deserves. You will be our partner as we open new opportunities for people living in areas that are marginalized, but culturally and historically rich and diverse; and we will be your hosts as we learn to appreciate them together. Make the extra effort to travel to remote villages and sites and use Palestine’s main community-based tourism initiatives as your platform to discover these striking destinations.

Discover the sites along the Palestinian Heritage Trail:

  • All
  • Bethlehem Region
  • Hebron Region
  • Jenin Region
  • Jericho Region
  • Nablus Region

‘Awarta’s Old Mosque

Ahmed al-Hamza Shrine

Al-Ma’moudiya Spring

Bani Nai’m – Old City

Burqin Church

Ein Samia Valley

Hebron Old City

Hisham’s Palace

Ibrahimi Mosque

Jihar Valley

Khirbet al-Marjama

Kufr Malek

Mamre and Ibrahim’s Oak Monastery

Maqam al-Ozayrat

Maqam Nabi ‘Uzeir

Maqam Nabi Yaqin

Mar Saba Monastery

Masafer Bani Na’im

Milk Grotto

Mount Arma

Mount of Temptation

Nabi Musa

Nativity Church

Old city of bethlehem

Omar Mosque

Palaces of Arraba

Roman Pool in Aqraba


Saint Theodosius Monastery

Sanur Citadel

Sheikh al-Mufaddal shrine

Sheikh Shaalah Shrine

Shepherd’s Fields

Solomon’s Pools

St. George (Al-Khader) Church

St. George Monastery

Tell Dothan & Joseph’s Well (Bir al-Hafire)

Tell er-Rumeida

Tell es-Sultan

Tell Ti’nnik

The Sealed Gardens – Artas Monastery

View on Al-Qarn Hill (Sartaba)

Virgin Mary’s Well