Sub Trail : Sabastiya To Hayyat Al Reef Camp

Sabastiya to Hayat al-Reef Tent

Walking Sabastiya- Hayat el Reef sub trail starts at the top of the ancient Sabastiya Hill -the ancient Samarian City-, which was named “Sebaste” by “Herod” the great, meaning the distinguished or revered master, in honor of the Roman emperor Augustus Caesar. Sabastiya was considered the main center for the Romans in Palestine, with a Roman theatre and roads surrounded by Roman-style stone columns. The trail takes you on foot on a historic journey from the hill through the “Colonnaded Street” heading towards “al- Mas’oudiya”; the main train station for the “Al-Hijaz Railways” built by the Ottomans in Palestine. The station has a magnificent view, shaded by cypress and pine trees. The station also has a special camping and relaxation spot, which is managed by the local community in partnership with Palestine Heritage Trail Al-Khalil in order to host walkers and visitors where they can be served with traditional Palestinian food.

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Sabastiya to Hayat al-Reef Tent

Time: 1-2 hours 
Challenge: Easy

Stage Logistics:

For the hike take:

at least 3 liters of water

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Check the weather before you go. Always remember about sun protection (sunscreen, hat, sunglasses). During the summer season wear light but modest clothes. During the winter season remember about a warmer jacket – mornings and evenings are usually cold.

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