‘Arab ar-Rashayida to Bani Na’im

After leaving the desert, you will head towards Beni Na’im, a tranquil village famous for the grape groves surrounding the area.

There, your hosts will treat you with freshly made grapes molasses called Dibis for breakfast or serve a platter of savory Palestinian grape leaves stuffed with a mixture of meat and spiced rice for lunch.

Service Providers 

Hebron Guides

Hebron - Shorouk Manassra
Hebron - Shatha Allan
Hebron - Ayat Dardoun
Bethlehem - Nidal Rishmawi

Women Associations in Hebron 

Rashayida - Women of ’’Arab Al-Rashayida
Dura Cooperative Association for Agricultural Production
Dhaheriyah Women’s Association
Dhaheriyah Women Club
Photos of Hebron Region
 ‘Arab ar-Rashayida to Bani Na’im
  • Distance: 22.3km
  • Time: 7-9 hours
  • Challenge: Difficult
Stage Logistics:

For the hike take:

at least 3 liters of water

‘Arab ar-Rashayida can be reached with a private taxi or car.
Bani Na’im can be reached from Hebron with a shared taxi for 5 NIS.

Remember about sun protection (sunscreen, hat, sunglasses)

Stop by Bani Na’im Women’s Association to stamp your Hiker Passport and possibly purchase locally made products, e.g. raisins or dibs (grape juice molasses).