Tal al-Qamar to Bethlehem

The winding trail will take you down into the Kidron Valley full of caves of various sizes which, in the Byzantine times, were inhabited by monks.

Tal al-Qamar means in Arabic Hill of the Moon. The site, which is remote from the hustle and bustle of the city life is a perfect spot to watch a full moon or stargaze. The trek starting at Tal al-Qamar will lead across the serene landscapes of the Jerusalem Wilderness towards the famous Bethlehem. On the way, hikers will climb some rocky hills but will also have some time to sit, close their eyes, and feel the relaxing atmosphere of the surrounding space.

After leaving the Bedouin desert, the Masar will take walkers step by step through rural Palestinian life. Here you will discover the meadows and serene villages. The more urban life awaits in Beit Sahour and Bethlehem, the place of Jesus’ birth. There are many historical and sacred sites to visit such as the Church of the Nativity, the Milk Grotto, and Shepherds Fields.

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Bethlehem Guides

Bethlehem - Wi’am Al-Masalha
Bethlehem - Usama Zughbi
Bethlehem - Riziq Ghyada
Bethlehem - Nidal Rishmawi
Bethlehem - Nadine Al-Yateem
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 Women Associations in Bethlehem 

Tuqu’ Women’s Center
Shawawreh Women’s Association
Ezariya - Cooperative of Rural Development
Dar Salah Women’s Association
Bethlehem - Nabd Women Center
Beit Sahour - Arab Women's Union
Photos of Bethlehem Region
Tal al-Qamar to Bethlehem
  • Distance: 14.60km
  • Time: 4-6 hours
  • Challenge: Moderate
Stage Logistics

For the hike take:

at least 3 liters of water

Tal al-Qamar can be reached by a private taxi or car
Mar Saba can be reached by a private taxi or car from Bethlehem
There is a public transportation between Bethlehem and Dar Salah (close to Tal al-Qamar) or Al-Ubeydiya (close to Mar Saba). The cost is around 5 NIS.
Bethlehem can be reached from Jerusalem (8 NIS), Ramallah (18 NIS), Jericho (25 NIS) or Hebron (9 NIS).

Check the weather before you go. Always remember about sun protection (sunscreen, hat, sunglasses). During the summer season wear light but modest clothes. During the winter season remember about a warmer jacket – mornings and evenings are usually cold.

Bethlehem is famous for beautifully embroidered items or olive wood figures. Walk the Old City of Bethlehem and you will find plenty of small souvenir shops.