Jenin is a 4000-year-old city in the northern Palestine, it is located on the edge of a level plain known to the locals as Marj Ibn Amer and mentioned in the Bible as Jezreel Valley. Modern Jenin is a picturesque town surrounded by olive and almond groves. Its fertile surroundings were a perfect place to settle as early as the Canaanite times when it was called En Gannim meaning ‘the spring of gardens. ‘Through the Jenin Region’s almond groves, Ottoman-era palaces, Byzantine churches, Mediterranean landscapes, windy mountain peaks, and hidden Roman ruins, the stories of the landscape become clear.

Jenin played an important role in the past as the city on the crossroads between the sea and the northern and eastern regions of the country. The historical Via Maris route passed through this area, as well as other internal routes connecting the mountains to the coast. On the top of neighboring Mt. Gerizim, the Samaritans, a tiny group once nearly extinct, preserve their religion and priesthood on their holy mountain. Across the city of Nablus, between the modern buildings, can be found remains of the once-great Roman city of Neapolis.


Hike through the olive groves of the north and visit the ancient church of Burqin.

Enjoy the olive harvest atmosphere and pass through the impressive Ottoman Palaces of Arraba.

Meander between the olive trees of the region, view the lush agricultural valleys and climb the steep hill to reach the Castle of Sanur.

This demanding hike will take you through the most interesting places of the region. Sebastiya is a home to great archaeological and architectural treasures.

Name Area Languages Spoken Contact Information Other services Particular Interests
Mohammad Atari Jenin Arabic, English (+970)0568437949
Flora/fauna, history, archaeology
Saeed Hijjeh Jenin Arabic +970 (0)599700295 history, archaeology
Stage Location Name Price Range Contact Info Amenities
1 Burqin Maha Khalaf Homestay $ (+970)597619930 meals, wi-fi, kitchen
1 Burqin Usama al-Saiegh Homestay $ (+970)599840323 meals, wi-fi, kitchen
2 Arraba Al-Mardawi Guesthouse $ (+970)599722591 meals, wi-fi, kitchen
2 Arraba Hana’ Hamdan Homestay $ (+970)599292972 meals, wi-fi
3 Sanur Rabie Wild Ali $ (+970)569105560 meals, wi-fi
4 Sebastiya Sebastia Guesthouse (Municipality) $ (+970)599789631 meals, wi-fi, kitchen
4 Sebastiya Qasr al-Kayed $ (+970)599473646 meals, wi-fi
5 Sebastiya Hayat al Reef Camp $ Muhammad Jaber: 0592771470 / 0592767698 meals
5 Nablus Al-Yasmeen Hotel $ (+970)-(0)-9-2333555 meals, wi-fi, kitchen
6 Nablus Khan al Wakala Hotel $  +972 09-2377779
meals, wi-fi,

There are no exact schedules for the following transportation options. Buses and services (orange shared taxis for up to seven people; pronounced servees) usually start driving when they are full. Most transportation stops operating at sunset. The transportation might be less frequent on Fridays, especially between 12-2pm. Prices are subject to change.

Jerusalem via              Al-Ezariya or Bethlehem 107km Bus or Taxi ~60NIS
 Ramallah  90km  Taxi  35 NIS
 Bethlehem  135km  Taxi  55 NIS
Nablus 41km  Taxi  15 NIS
 Sebastiya 33km  Taxi 15 NIS
 Rummana 12km  Taxi 5 NIS
Burqin 4km  Bus  5 NIS
 Arraba 11km  Bus  5 NIS
 Sanur 13km  Bus  5 NIS
 Ti’innik 10km  Bus  5 NIS
Burqin Burqin Ladies’ Center Society Umaima Khlouf
Tel: 0599046445/ 0597619930
Enabling women economically; awareness and psychological and financial support. Food production, especially Duqqa (Za’tar), handicrafts (embroidery, beads), olive oil soap.
Arraba Arraba Association for Women Development Manar Khleif
Tel: 0598304982
Financial and social development of women and children. Food production (pickles, olive paste, jam, yogurt); embroidery.
Sanur Sanur Women’s club Fahmieh wild Ali: 0599727875


Support women, children and handicapped. bee wax cream, beads, straw plates, traditional food, pickles, soap, jam, zaatar, and embroidery.