The trail from the Jericho Region to the Bethlehem Region offers a surprising variety of natural landscapes and richness of cultural and historical sites. The section begins in an area of spacious plains in the Jordan Valley and passes by the tents of the Bedouin community of Wadi Auja. The path enters Jericho, one of the oldest cities in the world, which with its calm atmosphere and rich heritage is a true oasis to all walkers. Visitors will enjoy a visit to the Mount of Temptation, Tell es-Sultan, and the winter palaces of Hisham and Herod the Great.


Day Stages

The trail will lead you to Jericho, one of the oldest cities in the world, which with its calm atmosphere and rich heritage is a true oasis to all walkers.

Follow this beautiful hike that leads through the picturesque Wadi Quelt and view the clings on the side of the rocky canyon Deir al-Quelt (St. George’s Monastery).

This journey follows through large uninhabited areas, filled with beautiful panoramic vistas.

Name Area Languages Spoken Contact Information Other services Particular Interests
Naser Ka’abneh Jericho Arabic, English (+970)0595862711
Flora/fauna, history, archaeology
Jamil Hamdin Jericho Arabic, English +970 (0)597011708

+970 (0)542615470


Flora/fauna, history, archaeology
Stage Location Name Price Range Contact Info Amenities
1 Al-‘Auja Ali Abu Khurbesh Bedouin Tent $  (+970)597427434 meals
 1  Jericho  Auberg-Inn  $  (+970)523500041 meals, wi-fi, kitchen, laundry
 1 Aqbat Jabar Refugee Camp  Mudhouse  $ (+970)598715098 meals, wi-fi
 2 Sea Level Sea Level Community Bedouin Tent  $ (+970)597011708 (+970)542615470 meals
 3 Khirbet al-Mird cave Sea Level Community  $ (+970)597011708 (+970)542615470 meals

There are no exact schedules for the following transportation options. Buses and services (orange shared taxis for up to seven people; pronounced servees) usually start driving when they are full. Most transportation stops operating at sunset. The transportation might be less frequent on Fridays, especially between 12-2pm. Prices are subject to change.

Jerusalem via Al-Azariya 35km Bus and Taxi 33 NIS
 Ramallah  40km  Taxi  18 NIS
 Bethlehem  45km  Taxi  21 NIS
Sabastiya 12km  Taxi  6 NIS
 Al-‘Auja 18km  Taxi 7-20 NIS
 Diyuk 5km  Taxi 10-15 NIS
Nabi Musa 10km  Bus/Taxi (via Ramallah)  20 NIS
 Allenby Bridge 18.5km  Bus  17 NIS
Al-‘Auja Joint Auja Women’s Association Center Lubna Masaeed
Tel: 0598027530
Women’s development (socially, economic). Sewing and embroidery, pastries, natural wool, drying herbs.
Aqbat Jabr Refugee Camp Aqbat Jabr Women Center Intisar Al-Akras
Tel: 0598715098 / 0597035579
Developing the economic situation of women in the village; job creation. Maftoul, mlokhia, pickles, honey, pastries, traditional palestinian food.