While it may not be realistic to try to master Arabic entirely before setting out on your journey on The Palestinian Heritage Trail, we strongly advise investing the time necessary to learn at least a few words and phrases. Even if you struggle to remember these words or to pronounce them correctly, don’t be shy in using them! You will be amazed at the warm response you receive from native speakers – any attempt on your part to communicate in the local language clearly demonstrates your respect for the local communities and interest in their lives and cultures.

Below are some sample words and phrases that may be worth learning. 

Mini phrasebook

  • welcome – ahlan wa sahlan
  • hello – marḥaba
  • good morning – sabaḥ al kheir
  • good bye – ma’ salameh
  • how are you? – kif halak?
  • I’m fine – emniḥ
  • thank you – shukran
  • you’re welcome – ‘afuan
  • Everything is OK – kullo tamam

ḥ – sharp h, gutturaly aspirated

kh – h sound from the back of your throat

‘ –  a contraction in the back of your throat; if in doubt; say ‘ah.